We invited seasoned entrepreneur Sukhwinder Singh Kharour for an interview with us. He is a proven business leader and has successfully built and scaled technology businesses. He is the Founder and Managing Director of VueNowInfotech. Let's learn more about his inspiring journey and his advice for our growing community! To rise from the dust is a trait that sets us apart and gets us unexpected recognition and success. Creating opportunities in places where people never ventured before is a talent that people just crave to possess. Of course, nothing really is possible without the right amount of hard work and dedication. Mr. Sukhwinder Singh Kharour is a professional who is a perfect example of a man who has built a vast empire from scratch to procure wealth and a name that people would die for. His story seems to be straight out of a fictional novel and knowing that all of it is true simply adds to the awe we felt while listening to it.

Mr. Sukhwinder can be described subtly as a Technology maven, entrepreneur, and visionary, though this is hardly enough to describe his spunky personality. With over 25 years of technology, integration, and media experience his name is quickly picking up in the industry. A pioneer and expert in technology integration, operations, studio, and broadcast setup, Mr. Singh has several patents to his name. With a deep understanding of the Global and Indian Digital Infrastructure industry, he was able to successfully integrate more than 30 Satellite & IPTV channels. The chance to have an insight into the professional and personal life of Mr. Sukhwinder was a glorious one and we took it with a lot of enthusiasm. It was no surprise that the man we were interviewing was on top of his game with his etiquettes and charm. He smiled and started answering our questions. His tone was calm and respectful.

Can you tell us about your journey? I was a wedding photographer and edited wedding photography for a living. Working with VCR tapes and basic editing software, I naturally made some contacts in this field and one of those contacts was into making telefilms. That friend called one day and asked me to edit a film that he had worked on. Obviously, I was skeptical as I did not know exactly what kind of editing was needed in those films. Even though telefilms were becoming popular there weren't many editors around so they helped me in every step of the editing. One after the other I ended up editing around 4-5 films. At that time I was residing in Mansa district in Punjab. It was a small town and opportunities were scarce. I slowly made more links while editing more films and as a result, I moved to Chandigarh which had suddenly exploded into a haven for people in the film industry.To no surprise, I was contacted by a person who asked me to help them with a technical issue they were facing with their video production. It was quite a hilarious moment because when I got there I saw that the issue they were facing was a very basic one and I fixed it with utter ease. Now I was used to working 4 to 5 days on a single video and the pay-off was not much.

I took out a few minutes to fix their problem and these guys paid me almost 10 times the money. It felt like I struck gold and like any other person, I dug further. Asking around a bit I realized that I was not portraying a professional front and I was being paid 1/3rd the amount a professional would have been paid for the same kind of work. Basically a professional would have been paid 1.5 lakhs and I was paid 50,000 to do the same work. Now in order to become an actualprofessional I found a guy who slowly taught me everything I needed to know. He was practically like a Guru for me at that time. In no time I was being seen as a thorough professional. I gathered some like-minded people with similar aims and we immediately started finding work. The payoff was better than expected because of our combined efforts and diligence. I got the chance to meet many other professionals and travel to many countries. During this time frame I helped set up around 50 satellites T.V. channels.

My major driving force was the intention to keep learning and observing. Sheer curiosity and a willingness to find quick solutions to problems is what led me on to the path of success. He creatively compares the need of flawless data highways to the need of efficient railroads and waterways for the progress of the nation. What is the net worth of VueNow today? VueNow right now is not worth a lot. At present it's only 12 to 15 Crore. We are obviously projecting a drastic increase as our EDGE computing systems and data centers are popping up everywhere. We have also recently signed a deal with the Bulgarian government and talks are on with 2 more nations. Even locally we are designing centers for states like Haryana, Punjab and West Bengal. More states are also slowly being taken into consideration.

What is the ideology behind the projects? Catering to the demand and supply angle is one thing but to understand the problem and solution aspect is another. Looking at the problem and solution angle is completely different as there are no constant parameters as one finds with demand and supply.Finding a solution to a problem requires wit, innovation and a perfectly streamlined out-of-the-box thinking.The future lies in data and without dependable data, handling a country will witness many hurdles in its path to greatness.

What is the aim of your company? Our aim is to be a global leader in consulting, technology services and digital transformation. VueNow is at the forefront of innovation to address the entire breadth of clients' opportunities in the evolving world of cloud, digital and platforms. How do you balance your personal and professional life? Luckily I have a wife who is super understanding and without her nothing would have been possible. She has been a source of constant motivation even though I had to mostly be away for work. She jokes about business being my first wife and she being the second on the list. Without her cooperation nothing I am doing now would have been possible.

Want to get into the technology game? MrKharour this advice: “Don't be too discouraged when you run into difficult problems. Everyone faces those, and they're the worst, but don't give up because of them!"