White Mountain Media Pvt Ltd was founded in July 2016 to deliver exceptionally efficient and effective media solutions. Our team strongly believes in the time honoured values of Passion, Reliability, Integrity and Enduring Commitment. We work with varied clientele as consultants and vendors, manage our own ventures, as well as seed and guide start-ups.

The Sixth Element Magazine is White Mountain Media Pvt Ltd's venture in the ever ubiquitous data industry. Creating, storing, and consuming data underpins modern existence. The importance of digital infrastructure in our lives today and in the many tomorrows to come cannot be overemphasised. As we continue to produce ever increasing data points, and life technologies continue to increase their footprint in our lives, the demand for Internet and Communication Technology Infrastructure, storage and compute on the edge will surpass all projections.

We aim to track the trajectory of the data centre industry in India and the world. We will strive to bring the latest in this critical infrastructure sector, and highlight the ever developing usecases. Happy reading!